Greetings! We are thrilled to be back at it, playing shows much more frequently these days and working on new material too! This summer we started playing more regularly with our good friend (and super talented multi-instrumentalist) Michael Connolly and we also were fortunate enough to snag the amazing percussionist, Dave Vaughns for some gigs as well. Here we all are playing on the Flat Stage at the Subdued Stringband Jamboree in 2022.



We will be playing shows this spring and summer both as a duo and a full band! Be sure to check out our Facebook page for the most up to date info on what we are up to! If you are interested in booking The Sweet Goodbyes, please contact us here. Thanks so much for your support! 


What a year it has been! This pandemic has really shifted things in the music scene and we are happy to report that after over a year of no live, in person music - we are back! Be sure to check our schedule for upcoming shows! 

Subdued Stringband Jamboree and other Summer Shows!!! 

Hello friends! We are thrilled to have been invited back to this year's Subdued Stringband Jamboree!!! We will be playing two sets on the Slanted Stage, Saturday evening in between the main stage acts. If you've never been out to the Jamboree - you don't want to miss out! The whole weekend is filled with amazing music, workshops, square dancing, food vendors and a super subdued family friendly vibe. Come hang out with us! 

We are looking forward to some much needed family time now that school is out for our kiddos and spouses so there are just a handful of opportunities to catch us play this Summer. Nonetheless, we've got some awesome gigs coming up in the next few months. Be sure to check out schedule as we are still adding dates. 

Hope to see you out and about soon!


Happy 1 year Kickstart to us!  

It's hard to believe that we are coming up on ONE YEAR since we launched our Kickstarter Campaign to fund our debut album. Our Facebook flashbacks keep reminding us of those long and glorious days in the studio last Spring and lucky for us, these two songwriters are still smitten with the baby we created together.

After a fairly quiet Winter focusing on our families and work, we are ready to get back into performance mode. We will be adding more Spring/Summer shows as they get confirmed - so be sure to check out our upcoming SHOWS frequently. 

IT's HERE!!!! 

Our self-titled debut album has arrived!!!

If you backed our Kickstarter Campaign or Pre-ordered an album, you should expect to receive your hard copy and/or digital download by next week! AND, if you want to get in on the action, you can order our album through CD Baby or pick it up at an upcoming show. Hope to see you soon. Thanks so much for your support!

amber and lisa

busy busy busy 

Hey friends! Just a quick update to let you know that we have been busy finishing up recording in the studio - as of last week we are official DONE with the recording part of this project and we couldn't be happier! Michael Connolly at Empty Sea Studios did a fantastic job recording and co-producing this album. Now, he's busy mixing the tracks so that we can send it all off to mastering and duplication by mid-June! Meanwhile, we are also hustling getting our Kickstarter incentives together and rehearsing for summer release shows. Lastly, if you missed out on pre-ordering our album - you will have an opportunity shortly through our website to be one of the first to get it - check back often! Happy June! 


WE DID IT!!!  

WOW. Just wow. 

Words cannot describe the feelings we have right now. We JUST hit our initial Kickstarter Goal!!!! This means, all of our minimum costs for this project are being FULLY FUNDED by YOU!!! No matter what happens from now until May 10th at 10am...this project is funded and you get your rewards and we get to deliver this album to you in JULY! Thank you thank YOU! In just 25 days, our community came together to pledge $7000 towards our debut album. We are bursting at the seams with gratitude. Seriously, what a great way to head into our last full weekend of recording in the studio. 

So what do we do now? 

Well, we still have 5 days to keep pushing - if you haven't made a pledge or if you'd like to up your current pledge, there's still time. If you haven't shared our campaign far and wide, please do. Or heck, share it again and again! We have some STRETCH GOALS and would LOVE to give this project as much love as possible. 


These days it takes a little more than writing a good song, singing beautiful harmonies or being charming on stage to be heard. In order to really spread the music far and wide, you need to have a good PR campaign or risk having the album just sit in boxes in your basement. If we raise $8,500 or more in 30 days, we will be able to pay for a modest PUBLICITY CAMPAIGN, including PRESS, RADIO, and INTERNET PROMOTION. This will give the album a much better chance of getting reviews and airplay and being heard by a wider audience. 


The Sweet Goodbyes would love to take this album on the road for some short regional tours in 2017. We have our instruments, our songs, interested venues and a vehicle but what we don't necessarily have is a whole lot of time and money or MERCHANDISE. Amber and Lisa are both self-employed (music teacher + mental health therapist) and also have families to support so it is important for us to do this thing we love but also not have it become too much of a burden on our families. Being gone for shows can be challenging enough as we juggle work and family schedules (not to mention cancelling a week's worth of music lessons or counseling appointments can put a serious dent in the monthly paycheck)..so, we are establishing STRETCH GOAL #2 at $10,000 to help get us ON THE ROAD and to help pay for some MERCHANDISE to have available at our shows. Who wouldn't love a SWEET GOODBYES bumper sticker, poster or T-shirt?!?!? 

If we reach STRETCH GOAL #2 not only will you have a better chance of catching us play a live show near you and pick up some sweet merchandise, but ALL Kickstart Backers will receive an EXCLUSIVE REWARD of a BONUS song recorded in studio (but that we didn't have room for on the CD)!!!! 

Whatcha think? Can you help us push through to the next level?? Let's do it!

What an amazing SHOW of generosity! 

Our fundraising show last Saturday at the Bellingham Center for Spiritual Living was a total success! We had a great crowd who generously donated over $1200 towards our Kickstarter Campaign. What a boost! We are overflowing with gratitude for everyone who is helping us make this dream come true. With just 6 days left in our campaign we are 91% funded....CHECK IT OUT! We feel very confident that we can reach our initial fundraising goal - and we are envisioning hitting one of our STRETCH GOALS too! Can you help us with this final push? Please share away and pre-order our album by making a pledge if you haven't done so already. Thank you!                             

10 days left!!!! Only $2700 to go!  

We are blown away by the support we are receiving for our Kickstarter Campaign. We have $4300 in pledges and just 10 days left to raise the remaining $2700 to meet our minimum. Remember, this is an all or nothing thing. If we don't meet our goal - we don't get any of the pledges. This means, your credit card will NOT be charged until May 10th at 10am (assuming we meet our minimum goal of $7000). Please continue to share widely and if you have the means, give us a pledge? Thanks so much! Visit our Kickstarter Campaign HERE. In other news, we are heading back into the studio tomorrow for our 3rd recording day as we chip away at laying down the tracks for our album! 

We are 1/4 of the way there!!!  

Wow! We are blown away by all of the support we have received so far on our Kickstarter Campaign! Thank you for all the sharing and the pledging! We are 1/4 of the way into our Kickstarter Campaign and we are now 25% funded!!! We have raised just over $1700 so far!

We are visualizing the momentum building and would love to see our campaign hit the half-way mark by the end of this week. Will you help us reach $3500? If you haven't pledged yet-do our stress levels a favor, and make that pledge now? No need to wait for pay day - remember, your card won't be charged until May 10th (as long as we reach our $7000 goal). Visit our Kickstarter Campaign HERE

WE ARE LIVE! Kickstart Campaign Launched TODAY!!! 

We have been busy busy busy and so proud to officially launch our
Kickstarter Campaign TODAY! We have just 30 days to meet our fundraising goals so WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please consider donating what you can to help us record and release our upcoming album...and PLEASE SHARE OUR CAMPAIGN  with your friends and family! We won't be able to do this without you. Thank you so much!!


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